Hello to all visitors of our site who clicked on the donate button and / or reached this page. Our project is young and it also faces difficulties like any other online movement. When we started, we only had enough money for one server with a weak channel, the channel was further expanded, then another server with a normal channel was added, soon there were so many site visitors that you might notice a delay in playing video, our weak servers do not cope with the increased influx of traffic, that is, with you, my dear lovers of exclusive and prejudice-free pornography. We try not to show ads, as you see it on the site is not at the moment, but it can not continue forever, we are planning to launch a full-fledged social network with flexible features, any financial assistance from you, will go to improve and accelerate the project, rent new servers and will in the long run contribute to the development of free internet. We can accept help from you only in cryptocurrencies, due to the specifics of the project that you all like. Below is a list of addresses to which you can send your donates. And remember, every dollar and every Satoshi or gas from you will be useful to contribute to the development and improvement of this project.

You can donate us via:

BTC: 1K4ZqUT64R7MC2DvaV9SujvMiQki4UUpPL

ETH: 0xbf9d4563d81DB397010a609C2af3A315420a1801

BCH: qzzrc03055xhchd74544fxu78uyxtagpzgtrahntcs